We are members of the OSPI NETWORK, the largest worldwide network of exhibit builders and event contractors in the world.

More than 150 highly qualified specialists in over 55 countries; enable us to guarantee the same quality of service at all trade fairs around the world.

The main benefit of OSPI network is that we can plan your trade fair project wherever you are, and apply it directly anywhere in the world. “Designed Here, Made There” quickly and accurately.

OPSI Worldwide

  • We are Opsi
  • We solve your logistics problems, professionally and worldwide
  • We reduce transportation and travel costs
  • We know all the specific peculiarities of individual countries
  • We achieve the same level of quality anywhere in the world with OCTANORM system
  • We are supportive and responsive on a global scale.
  • Specialists and professionals with expertise in technical regulations
  • Partners with a clear focus on the customer